London baileigh

London Baileigh (lead singer) is a singer/ songwriter. She has an Country-Americana sound with an upbeat blues-rock influence, W.C Clark said the band has a "soulful country sound".

London has co-written the title track to John Arthur Martinez's album "If Stars Could Sing" (which was inspired by the beautiful chimes used in London's song "All I Need") along with Mike Blakley, David Horner & Rick Busey. Baileigh has also opened for other talented, well known, artists like Cory Morrow and Pauline Reese. But before that she got her start at fifteen years of age in coffee shops, then restaurants and eventually in bars on the famous 6th street to even well known dance halls & saloons such as The Broken Spoke, Jenny's Little Longhorn Saloon & The Saxon Pub &. most recently adding Coupland Dance Hall to the list! As well as opening for more artists such as W.C Clark, eventually going on tour with Pauline Reese after London finished her high school career. Her lead guitarist (& original guitar teacher, David Horner) have together formed the Saguaro band with other musicians since 2017.

While currently having five singles out, three of which are written by Baileigh, she is due to have another single release in March 2021.